Chevrolet’s refreshed Malibu to lift teen driver safety image

The upcoming updated 2016 Chevy Malibu will come with one decisive feature for the conscious parents – a safety feature designed to lift the safety of teen drivers when behind the wheel.

The US brand believes its industry-first feature, called the Teen Driver, is able to offer a “report card” that helps parents keep track of their teen driver’s habits when taking the Malibu out on the road. Once activated, the Teen Driver system will automatically mute the radio if the seat belts are not used, while the parents can also set the maximum allowed volume to a lower limit. More importantly, the owner can also select a maximum speed between 40 and 75 mph, and once exceeded it will bring a warning and audio chime. “The Malibu’s midsize segment is synonymous with what is commonly known as ‘the family sedan’ segment, which makes this feature very appropriate,” commented a brand spokesperson. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, motor vehicle accidents are the primary cause of death for teens in the US.

Besides the aforementioned features, the Teen Driver feature will also track the total distance traveled, maximum speed registered, how many warnings for over-speed were triggered, stability control interventions and ABS events. The parents activate the feature via the car’s MyLink system by creating a personal identification number and then registering it to the teen’s key fob. The feature is also available on Ford vehicles since 2010 when it was introduced on the Focus compact and the MyKey is now in use on at least 6 million autos, according to the Detroit rival.

Via Automotive News