Chevrolet’s Volt, the Best-Sold Car Among EVs image

The Chevrolet Volt managed to widen its lead this year as the best-selling US rechargeable car.

Sales of electric and hybrid vehicles almost tripled from 11,094 last year to 31,400 units. The Volt sold a record 2,851 units in September, leading the EV sales with 16,348 units this year, followed by the Prius plug-in with 7,734 units and the Leaf with 5,212 units. Demand for the Volt continues to increase thanks to GM’s discount lease of $299 from the car’s base price of $39,145.

“I’m utterly surprised people are not lining up to get one at that price,” said Jesse Toprak, an analyst at “The annual fuel savings alone make this car very appealing.”

President Barack Obama’s administration set a previous target of 1 million rechargeable autos to be sold by 2015, which means that automakers will have to drastically boost sales in order to meet this goal. Nissan has also introduced a low-cost lease for the Leaf and said that it took longer than planned to come up with a sales strategy for EVs.

“Volt has made an ultra-competitive marketplace with the offers they have on that vehicle,” said Al Castignetti, vice president of U.S. sales for Nissan.