Chevy CruzeBumblebee launched in China image

Chevrolet has launched a limited edition of the Cruze model exclusively for the Chinese auto market, named Bumblebee.

Fans of the Transformers movies who can’t afford the Bumblebee Camaro Edition now have a second choice, if we can call it this way, with Chevy launching the Transformers Edition Bumblebee Cruze.

The Bumblebee Cruze includes black body stripes over the yellow paint and Autobot badges on the front fenders. These, along tith the Transformers side mirrors, scuff plates and center caps, are all the “goodies” found on the limited Edition.

The Bumblebee Cruze is the first Transformers tribute Cruze car to come from General Motors in Asia, even though a limited Transformers Chevy Beat was sold on the Korean auto market in 400 copies.

The new limited edition from GM is already available in China but we can’t tell you for now how much it costs, but we can say for sure it’s not more expensive than the Bumblebee Edition Camaro.