Chevy prepping new Spark and Sonic (Aveo) generations image

Chevrolet is planning to introduce new generation of the Spark and the Sonic (Aveo) in the United States and rumors are saying that the two models will hit the market in 2015 and 2016.

The outgoing Chevrolet Spark is relatively new in the United States, along with the Sonic, or the Aveo as it is known in Europe and other markets, but that won’t stop General Motors to upgrade them. But rather than using some regular updates, which will transform the two vehicles into facelifts, the North American based automotive giant, GM, will start working on two new generations of the Spark and the Sonic / Aveo.

The next generation of the Chevrolet Spark is said to enter production in early 2015, according to Choi Jong-hak, the South Korean labor union spokesman, while the Sonic / Aveo will be pushed back to 2016. The information has been apparently given to union negotiators during last week’s wage talks. Sadly we have no idea on how the next generations of the Chevy Sonic / Aveo and Chevy Spark will look like, will sound like or will drive like and these details will probably be announced close to their debut.

Source: Reuters