Chevy Volt beats Nissan Leaf in US Auto Sales image

According to the latest official sales reports, the Chevy Volt was the best-selling rechargeable vehicle in United States in May – topping Nissan’s all-electric Leaf.

During May, the Chevrolet Volt enjoyed 1,680 sales – well up from the 481 (+249.3 percent) units it sold in May 2011. Indeed sales for the year-to-date for the Volt have reached 7,057 units – that compares to just 2,184 units during the same period last year.

GM came under criticism for saying it would sell 10,000 plug-in hybrid Volts in 2011 — and sold less than 7,700. The company abandoned its 2012 U.S. sales forecast for the Volt of 45,000 — saying it would instead match supply to meet demand.

However looks like sales are in the green area.

By contrast, Nissan sold 510 Leaf electric vehicles – down 55.3 percent from May 2011, when the Japanese automaker sold 2,613 electric vehicles.

However, Andy Palmer, executive vice president of Nissan’s Yokohama, Japan-based global operations, notes, the U.S. sales numbers don’t provide much of a marker for the success of the first mass-market electric car in several generations.

Nissan is nearing completion of a massive upgrade to its factory complex outside of Nashville that will allow it to build both the battery pack for the Leaf and the car itself domestically near year-end.
Once the company starts building Leafs in dollars, the whole marketing and sales approach the Nissan has pursued in U.S. will change, Palmer said.