Chicago Auto Show will be blessed with three Nissan Winter Warrior concepts image

The Japanese automaker has recently introduced online the Pathfinder, Murano, and Rogue Warrior Winter concepts – set to debut in front of the public during the Chicago Auto Show.

The trio of bespoke models have been designed, engineered and developed with one argument in mind – winter has no chance against them. And with Mother Nature having no beef with the trio, Nissan is actually expanding on the Rogue Warrior concept it previously delivered during the Montreal International Auto Show. That’s because all three models feature Dominator snow tracks 48 inches long, 30 inches high, and 15 inches wide. Of course the engineers had to rethink the suspension and modify the wheel wells to have the tracks installed but Nissan added the concepts have retained the rest of the powertrain intact – including the standard engines and Xtronic transmissions.

“With their solid Nissan underpinnings and exceptional ground clearance, these Winter Warriors are serious, extreme weather machines, not toys,” commented Nissan North America’s senior vice president of Sales & Marketing and Operations, Christian Meunier. Aside from the obviously massive snow tracks, Nissan also added a unique red-chrome matte body wrap with tracks graphics and “Winter Warrior” badging. The rest of the accessories range include roof rails, cargo area protectors, and all-season floor mats. If you’re in the “hardcore winter camping enthusiasts” team, you may also use the 9×9-foot tent.