Chicken incredibly survives 70 mph car crash image

Have you ever seen Rambo or Terminator movies? Well, this particular incredibly lucky chicken bests them both, after it survived a collision with an ongoing Toyota Corolla.

Actually, and while this involves a Chinese driver and happened there it didn’t happen with the known safety issue prone locally made cars, the Japanese designed Corolla was the one who came out worst from the encounter.

The bird’s miraculous survival was still due to a Chinese prone happening – the bumper of the car driven by Huang Lingyong, 31 was actually revealed at the dealership later on to be a cheap copy, rather than an original part.

“I braked because I am an animal lover and didn’t want to harm the chicken,” said Huang. “But it was too late. I heard a sickening thud and I thought the chicken had gone to meet his ancestors. I stopped the car, got out and walked around to the front. There was a hole in the bodywork and the chicken wedged inside. I thought it must be dead but then I heard a cluck-clucking and bent down to look closer. It was a little shaken up and its feathers all ruffled, but otherwise OK.”

The incredible feat occurred close to an industrial park in Xinfeng county in south China’s Jiangxi province, and the bumper was revealed to be a cheap knock-off after the owner and many of his pictures viewers expressed their bad opinion of the car’s durability.

Via Daily Mail