China: 104 million automobiles on China’s roads as of November image

The Ministry of Public Security’s Transport Administration Bureau reports that there are at least 104 million vehicles on China’s roads as of November.

In addition, the Ministry reveals that the number of authorized drivers has now reached 234 million.

According to the new report, it results that there is one car / 10 people.

Vehicle density is a key indicator to show the maturity of an automotive market. For example, in the glory days of the U.S. auto market (back in 2001), the U.S. had 453 vehicles per 1,000 people, but today the U.S.
market is at 419 and is forecasted to be around 414 by 2015. The growth has shifted to the emerging markets and the numbers are very different.

Russia leads the emerging BRIC countries with 235 vehicles per 1,000 people in 2010 and is forecasted for 293 vehicles per 1,000 people by 2015.

Comparing Russia to the small vehicle density of China and India, the numbers get a little skewed. China has a relatively low vehicle density with 27 vehicles per 1,000 people in 2010, but the population in China is over 1.3 billion people. reports that currently 14 cities have over one million vehicles on their roads. Beijing leads the pack with 4.72 million. Ten of those cities, including the provincial capitals of Nanning (Guangxi), Hohhot (Inner Mongolia), Ürümqi (Xinjiang), Hefei (Anhui), Yinchuan (Ningxia), Changsha (Hunan), Xining (Qinghai) and Fuzhou (Fujian), have seen their vehicle numbers increase over 20 percent this year.