China Accuses the US of Launching a WTO Case for the Election Race image

China accused the US of making it a victim of the electoral politics, by launching an international trade case stating that Beijing unfairly subsidizes cars and auto parts exports.

On Monday, September 17th, US President Barack Obama announced during an election campaign stop in Ohio, the WTO case against China, accusing it of illegal subsidies for cars and auto parts. Yesterday China responded to the accusations, filling a complaint against the US responsibilities on many Chinese exports. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce blamed the US WTO case on the race for the White House.

“In the midst of an election race, the United States chose to announce this news in Ohio, an automobile production area, showing that the U.S. took this step against China out of considerations of electoral politics,” an unidentified Chinese commerce official said on the ministry’s website.

Earlier this year, the White House has launched a case related to China’s exports of rare earths and another was connected to China’s imposition of countervailing and anti-dumping duties on US vehicle exports, intensifying the trade tensions between the two nations. Obama launched this last case against China under pressure from steelworkers and other union groups, and also Republican Mitt Romney who accused the President of not being tough enough with Beijing.