Chinese authorities have had a new automotive problem on their hands in recent years – road rage. The latest viral incident, with a woman horrifically assaulted in Sichuan has triggered another alarm.

And road-rage is not an isolated appearance across the rapidly growing Chinese auto culture – around 100 million incidents have been reported since January 2012, says the Ministry of Public Security. Additionally, the road-rage cases have also been growing rapidly since the start of the eyar, up 10 percent from the same period in 2014. “Offensive driving caused by road rage is a severe violation of law that disrupts order and endangers traffic safety,” has commented recently the ministry in a statement. “Drivers should consciously rein in their road rage.” The statement was also the result of a national debate over the video portraying the woman as she was dragged out of the car, thrown and kicked in the head and face. The security ministry called drivers to be “civilized,” obey traffic rules and reign down on their anger issues.

The anger issues are growing in China exponentially as the past decade has brought a 10-fold jump in vehicle purchases – with motorists now fighting for everything – from parking spaces to who reaches the traffic lights first. Road rage alone has triggered around 82,000 car crashes last year, surging 2.4 percent from the previous year. The public security ministry added that around one in three drivers has been implicated in instances of road rage, according to a survey made by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Via Bloomberg


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