China: Audi sales grow in the first quarter image

Volkswagen AG’s premium brand, Audi, has registered a very healthy increase on the Chinese market, with a double-digit jump that brings the tally to 124,520 automobiles.

The 21.1 % spike is mainly due to the increased local production, which allows Audi to take advantage of tax breaks – the company has been building the Q3 small SUV since November 2012, has started production of the A3 Sportback and will soon begin manufacturing the A3 Sedan.

“We are the first premium manufacturer to locally produce and sell three models in the premium compact segment in China” stated Luca de Meo, Member of the Board of Management of Audi AG for Sales and Marketing. “We have thus once again demonstrated Audi’s pioneering role in our second home market.”

March was also a great sales month, with an increase of 36.6% to 47,636 vehicles. With its main factory in Changchun, where Audi produces the specifically tailored long-wheelbase versions A4 L, A6 L and the Q5 and Q3 SUVs, the company reached a total of 103,113 cars in the first quarter.

The second factory in China, located in Foshan – which started production in late 2013, added to the production roster the A3 Sportback and the A3 sedan will follow during the summer. The dealership network also expanded to 340 in over 150 cities and will reach its 500 units goal by 2017.