This month was a great one for the German supercar – it’s already sold out – but there’s one notable exception – one of the units has apparently reached the end of its lifespan already.

That’s because one Porsche 918 Spyder was significantly damaged after being involved in a serious car crash that happened on the streets of Shanghai this week. The incident occurred on a narrow road in the sprawling metropolis and according to local media the Porsche 918 Spyder was actually driven above allowed speed limits by a woman. She was a friend to the unfortunate owner, who was coincidentally riding with her on the passenger seat.

According to reports… she did one for the ages – mixing up he brake pedal with the acceleration, ultimately managing to take the German piece of engineering art off the road and ending the ride in a tree on the right side. Fortunately, the driver and unlucky owner/passenger came out unharmed out of the wreck and fortunately at the moment on the sidewalk there was no one as well – the crash occurred in the early hours of the morning.Porsche is building just 918 units of the flagship supercar model, and by the looks of it if the owner does successfully manage to repair the crashed car, it won’t come cheap at all.

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