Although choked with smog and pollution and with increasing worrying authorities, Chinese auto customers seem to prefer the lottery gamble – opting out of owning an electric car.

According to a statement issued by the municipal government, each conventional license plate had received more than 90 individual bids, while the 1,666 new-energy vehicle plates only attracted 1,428 persons.

Beijing is set to reduce congestion and air pollution by cutting down the number of new cars from 240,000 last year to 130,000 in 2014, while new-energy vehicles would be reserved an additional 20,000 license plates. Additionally, the official Xinhua News Agency reported that the city’s municipality is ready to build 1,000 new public quick-charging sockets this year.

Although the central government announced earlier this month it would further extend its subsidies support to electric cars beyond the initial proposed date (2015), the Chinese customers have been so far reluctant in adopting the new mobility system, citing fears about reliability and a lack of infrastructure.

Via Bloomberg


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