Earlier today, June 20th, a long-distance bus crashed in east China’s Fujian Province injuring 28 people and killing 17.

“I was half-asleep when the accident happened. Suddenly I felt I was falling from the sky,” survivor Wu Aiquan. “I heard a big bang, just like an earthquake, when the bus hit the ground. All the window glass was smashed to pieces”.

The accident took place in the county of Xiapu, in Ningde city, around 2 a.m., on an expressway viaduct. The bus was heading to Fujian’s Xiamen city from Wuxi in Jiangsu Province, with 45 people aboard. The vehicle overturned and fell into the ravine more than 50 meters. 17 people were killed and 28 others severely injured. The injured people have been rushed to a nearby hospital.

Firefighters, border guards, local police, highway and medical authorities have all taken part at the rescue operation. The local police is investigating the cause of the accident. One thing is known for sure: the bus was not overloaded.

“It was raining hard when the crash happened, and the bus was travelling downhill and turning. The vehicle rolled over the viaduct’s guardrail and its front end hit the ground first,” a rescuer said.


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