While China is today the world’s biggest auto market, it still lacks some common sense safety rules like the obligatory use of child safety seats – the country’s traffic regulator only now is finally prepping a law proposal on the matter.

Road safety in China is overseen by the Ministry of Public Security, which has been researching the matter the China Automotive Technology & Research Center and after the completion of their shared analysis the ministry should submit to the State Council the proposal – and it would become active within a few months.

“There is imminent need for China to include child passenger-safety requirements into the legal framework,” said Pan Zengyou, who’s heading the feasibility study. “Any delay in this means more casualties and damages. Children’s lives are hanging over our heads.”

In 2012, although China has around half the number of vehicles on US roads, the Asian country had its child fatalities three times higher than America. According to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, traffic accidents were actually the leading cause for less than 14 years of age fatalities.

Via Bloomberg


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