China enforces strategic importance of electric cars image

While Chinese customers are not swarming to adopt the new energy vehicles, China’s industry minister said the government would not stop encouraging the adoption of hybrid and electric cars.

Actually, the minister added that new-energy vehicles – the term used for low or zero emission vehicles – and their promotion is a strategic part of the country’s policy to develop China’s automotive industry.

Miao Wei, minister of industry and information technology, said in Beijing during an auto forum that the country’s government will further pursue the advent and development of the industry through improved tax and fiscal policies.

The minister’s latest comments follow those made by Vice Premier Ma Kai – which is the highest-ranking government official that directs energy matters – who disclosed last month the central government is taking into consideration whether to extend its new-energy subsidies to the hybrid models. Currently, because they are also powered by gasoline or diesel engines, hybrids don’t qualify for the state incentives attributed to electric cars.

While many cities battle smog and pollution – partly caused by the densely accumulated clusters of cars, China’s government is also promoting electric cars in order to cut down on the country’s need of fuel imports. Also, with air pollution reaching alarming levels, some of the cities have moved or consider imposing caps on new car registrations – which would not apply to EVs.

Via Bloomberg