China fights pollution by killing off its old cars image

After years in which the communist government denied it had a serious problem with pollution, just recently they finally admitted to the obvious and started treating the hazardous situation.

But, as programs aimed at subsidizing the introduction of “new-energy” vehicles, their term for plug-in hybrids and full electric cars, aiming to spur the sales of such models have so far had little success, more powerful measures have taken hold.

For instance, some of the most polluted cities in the country have moved to impose caps on new car registrations and more and more cities look to follow on the measures.

Now, the government is taking further action by installing a program that would ultimately move off the streets around 6 million older vehicles – which have no emissions compliance. According to a statement, cars produced before 2005 and are not in compliance with cleaner emissions standards would be “phased out,” while gas stations in Beijing, Shanghai and other major towns would be forced to selling cleaner gasoline and diesel.

According to the statement, the first 5 million cars would be taken from Beijing, the port of Tianjin, deltas of the Yangtze River, around Shanghai, and the Pearl River, around the business center of Guangzhou.