Although a late comer in the world’s largest auto market, the No.2 US automaker has been making a dent there – and with a sales jump of no less than 45% for the first quarter, Ford is ready to pass more locally established brands.

The automaker has been relatively late on the market, but since the half of 2012 its sales have picked up, being the fastest blooming foreign automaker in China. Last year Ford managed to beat the word’s biggest automaker – Toyota, and is now within striking distance from third place in the local Chinese market.

“Ford expanded their dealer network and put together a strategy to focus on the Chinese market because this is the market that is really growing,” said Frank Schwope, an analyst at NordLB. “You have to produce in China to really earn money there, and you have to find joint-venture partners to help you build out those new plants. This is what Ford is doing well now.”

With sales picking up 45% in the firs quarter, Ford delivered 271,321 cars and according to figures reported by Hyundai and Nissan the US carmaker is only 1% behind the first and 4% from the latter.

Last month, Ford sold 103,815 units, beating for the second straight month Hyundai and came close to Nissan, which has been the No.3 foreign brand in China since 2009, who sold 115,900 vehicles.

Via Bloomberg


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