China: Geely sees Toyota strategy the way to go image

Not long ago we saw Japanese automaker Toyota calling for a 90 percent reduction of Co2 emissions across its lineup by 2050 – and now their idea is being mirrored by China’s Geely.

While the Asian rival has set the target for a lengthy period of time and still leaves a 10 percent doorway for the regular petrol and diesel engines, Geely has decided through its all new Blue Geely Initiative the company should altogether axe the use of a traditional petrol engine. This is a very ambitious concept yet easy to understand if you take a look at the bigger picture – namely the current situation in China. The country is plagued by pollution and the government strongly supports the introduction of more fuel efficient vehicles among other envisioned solutions. Geely’s new initiative now calls for a refocus on hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric vehicle powertrains. And they’re also way faster than the Japanese, because the gradual phase out of the traditional internal combustion engine models will start rolling from 2016 and could be almost complete by the turn of the decade.

The Blue Geely Initiative also has to do with the new Chinese government’s rules that call for corporate fuel consumption to reach just 5L/100km (47 mpg) by 2020. Geely has also said it aims to become a world leader in terms of new energy vehicles (the Chinese term for plug-in hybrids and full electric autos) lightweight material technologies as well as intelligent / connected systems. While Geely apparently roots for plug-in hybrids / electric autos that can drive themselves and have the latest lightweight materials on board, the company also said it fully intends to remain affordable – for example selling plug-in hybrids at price points similar to the regular, internal combustion engine models.