China Gets Ready to Receive the New Beetle image

The cute VW Beetle is ready to touch the Chinese ground. As it is already in other world markets, time has come to make a headline for the Chinese market too. The new Beetle was highly appreciated by China’s customers, when it was presented in 2011 at the Shanghai Auto Show.

The car will be listed in February on the China car market. The first engines are 1.2TSI, 1.4TSI and 1.8TSI, and the price will vary between 200.000 yuan and 330.000 yuan. The car will be sold by VW’s Imported Range dealerships (separate from FAW-VW and SH-VW dealerships).

“We want to avoid the almost total lack of rollout planning that the former New Beetle suffered. That car had a couple of pretty good years and then it fell dramatically. We want to keep offering new things that are significant this time around so as to keep the car fresh,” said VW global branding boss Luca De Meo.

“The Beetle is so much sportier now. It’s much more appealing to male buyers as well,” said a source in Wolfsburg. Although the car appeals to both male and female customers, it is believed that the Chinese women will find the vehicle more suitable for them. They will have 12 exterior colors to choose from.