China: GM’s sales in the country forecast to rise 10% image

According to Matt Tsien, the new chief of the company’s China operations, the US automaker aims to increase its sales in the country in 2014 by as much as 10%, keeping pace with the overall industry growth forecast.

General Motors, which counts China as its biggest market now, plans to out 19 new or refreshed models, with Tsien’s mandate, a Chinese-American, engineer-turned-executive with 37 years in GM, aimed at sustaining the company’s “profitable growth”.

“Industry growth at 10 percent is probably an upside at this stage but we’re certainly working hard to keep up with that pace of growth or maybe go slightly ahead of that,” Matt Tsien, 53, said in an interview. “We’ve got some exciting launches going on this year.”

“Our ambition is really to do the best job we can satisfying customers and making sure they’re happy with our products and they come back for more,” Tsien added. “Being No. 1 is always great.”

Tsien became the chief of operations there when Bob Socia retired and is the company’s first Chinese origin executive and came from being the vice president overseeing product planning in China.

While Tsien will focus on Chevrolet sales in the country, which last year failed to keep up with the market’s average rise, he is also keeping to GM’s plans to boost the SUV and luxury presence in the country. The US automaker wants to double Cadillac’s sales there from 50,000 last year to more than 100,000 in 2014.

Via Reuters, Bloomberg