China has a new way of dealing with small garage parking spaces image

China is the world’s second economic power and the first when it comes to auto sales. The sheer amount of people living there also means there are new and innovative ways of taking advantage of the available space.

While China has often taken the headline spot for very wrong reasons – such as road rage, it can also show true engineering genius – for example the foldable parking garages that look like simple cocoons and are now highly popular in certain Middle Eastern and Asian nations as well. There are also numerous versions, catering for the client’s desire and most of all, bank account. They can be had with electric motors or powered by the owner’s brute force – but the bottom line is they can be easily deployed to protect your personal parking spot from the trials and tribulations of the world. When coming home you can fold it away at the push of a button or perhaps at the push of a smartphone applications, drive the car inside, get out and then have the canopy protect your precious possession from anyone and anything.

Imagine the implications – you have your parking spot under molting trees or a traditional flock of birds. So, goodbye regular trips to the car wash and hello timeless protection against the angry nature elements or even street vandals. The solution has been around for some time, but it’s only now gaining mainstream acceptance and also becoming smarter and easier to use. Maybe it would even alleviate those attacks of road rage – you’re much more relaxed when your car is impeccable, right?