China has become Chevrolet’s third largest market image

Shanghai General Motors’ Chevrolet model sold 218,951 units in the first half of this year, accounting for more than 10% of Chevrolet’s global sales.

This sales performance makes China the third largest market for Chevrolet, following the U.S. and Brazil, media reported recently.

Dinglei, general manager of Shanghai GM said that the Chinese market has become one of the most important markets for Chevrolet. The rapid growth of Chevrolet in China testifies the foresight of Shanghai GM’s “multiple brands, full series”strategy.

After five years of hardworking in the Chinese market, Chevrolet has found its own places in the main small car, middle-class vehicle and SUV segments respectively. Lova and Spark has become Chevrolet’s best-selling product portfolio, appealing more than 440,000 Chinese users.

In January, Chevrolet launched the new Sail that sold 55,000 units in just half a year’s time. In mid-June, wholly-imported urban SUV Captiva was released to the market. For the time being, middle-class vehicle has become the main selling force of Chevrolet.

Dinglei added that Chevrolet’s main markets are positioned at the third- and fourth-tier cities. The number of Chevrolet’s dealership has increased to 375, more than 200 stores of which come from the fastest growing auto markets in the third- and fourth-tier cities.