China: Infiniti sales up 60% in 2011 image

The tragedies that hit Japan in March 2011 that interrupted production for months, didn’t cause damages to Nissan Motor’s unit Infinity, which, on the contrary, reported a 60% rise in 2011, with 19,075 units sold.

The company expects a 50% 2012 boost, to 30,000 units and more than 30 dealerships, among the existing 60 dealers from China. China’s product portfolio include models such the M, EX, FX, QX and G Series, from crossover, sedan, SUV to coupe and convertible.

But more models are expected for 2012 including the long-wheelbase M Series sedan, the refurbished FX and EX Series, and the hybrid M Series car.

In November 2011 the company announced that plans to move its global headquarters to Hong Kong, plan which was confirmed by officials in Dalian. This means that the company takes into consideration to join forces with Dongfeng Motor Corp, also a partner of the parent company, Nissan.

The production is expected to begin in 2014, making Infiniti the first Japanese luxury brand that has production in China.

In 2010, sales of Infiniti vehicles in China reached 11,513 units, with a growth rate of 137 per cent.