China is again the top market for Volkswagen Group, ahead of General Motors image

The world’s largest auto market – China – has again crowned the German automaker as the top player, ahead by a slim margin of the American competitor.

The Volkswagen Group is still feeling the heat from the Dieselgate scandal across the world, but sales volume drops of 14 percent such as the one experienced through July in the United States are nowhere in sight when discussing the top market of the planet. In China diesel engines aren’t fashionable so the automotive conglomerate has retaken the top position in the Asian market, though just barely ahead of the second placed rival – General Motors. Up until July the sales of VW AG reached a total of 2,148,000 autos – surging by 8 percent compared to the same period last year. Meanwhile General Motors is very close with deliveries of 2,081,005 vehicles. The Germans were aided by the July sales figures – 285,900 cars over GM’s 270,529 units.

Apparently Chinese buyers are very much into VW AG’s brands – the namesake marquee jumped 17 percent in July over the same month in 2015 and was closely followed by Skoda – up 16 percent or Audi, soaring 10 percent. Meanwhile, the profits earned here are much needed elsewhere – with about 15 billion dollars owed in the United States alone.

Via Automotive News