China is the largest automaker and automobile market in the world image

With a continuously raising economy, China became two years ago the world’s largest automaker and automobile market, overtaking the United States.

According to a recent survey in China, less than a quarter of its population has access to a privately owned motor vehicle, but, then again, there are over 217 million registered cars and motorcycles in the country, mainly because the government uses a mixture of both civil and military plated vehicles, which come in all shapes and sizes, from SUVs to cars and motorcycles.

At the end of June 2011, China had almost 100 million automobiles and 102 million motorcycles registered according to a statement released by the Ministry of Public Security, bringing it to a total of more than 217 million registered motor vehicles, which include motorcycles, trucks, cars and tractors.

The first half of this year meant a growth of over 10 million car units in China which also resulted into the Beijing, Shanghai, Tainjin, Chendgdu and Shenzhen cities having more than one million registered motor vehicles running on their streets.