China: Land Rover dissatisfied with Evoque clone image

Land Rover, the British SUV specialist that now belongs to India’s Tata, is the latest in a very long list of automakers that become disgruntled by the offensive copycats made by local Chinese manufacturers.

While China is the world’s largest automotive market and is currently in the process of maturing, the fact that so many brands exist leads to an interesting aspect – clones of successful models. Small manufacturers lack the resources to come up with an original idea so they mimic (with various degrees of success) a foreign automaker’s successful model.

Now, Land Rover has announced it intends to complain to Chinese officials about the appearance of the Landwind X7 – a near perfect copy of its Evoque SUV. The unwanted Chinese sibling was publicly revealed during the latest edition of the Guangzhou Motor Show in China late last week, and now Land Rover chief executive officer Dr Ralf Speth wants to take what he considers to be Intellectual Property theft in front of the Chinese officials. “The fact that this kind of copying is ongoing in China is very disappointing,” Land Rover CEO Ralf Speth told the British publication. The X7 should begin production later this month and would retail at a price that this time has nothing to do with the Evoque – the equivalent of $22,000.

Via Automotive News, Autocar