China: Lincoln opens its first three stores in the country image

Ford’s premium brand – Lincoln – has effectively entered the Chinese market with the inauguration of the brand’s first three stores – also introducing in the process a new customer service initiative called “The Lincoln Way.”

Lincoln – just as Ford was until recently – is a latecomer among luxury automotive brands in China, the world’s largest auto market and the second biggest when taking into account just the premium segment. Ford hopes the new approach would be successful, as the mass-market namesake Ford brand quickly picked up consumer interest. Also, Lincoln aims to tap the expanding class of wealthy Chinese buyers – who proved their appetite for American luxury after General Motors brought to great success the Cadillac brand.

The first three Lincoln stores – which are a different take on the usual dealership experience – have been opened in Beijing, Shanghai and Hagzhou. The brand plans to inaugurate another five by the year’s end and reach 60 stores in 50 cities by 2016, according to a company statement. According to the carmaker, the Lincoln Way is targeting “younger and more discerning luxury customers who value individuality,” and would be implemented across all Chinese stores. The program was develop after three years of studying the behavior of China’s buyers and offers clients access to personalized technology, sales and service – even individual perks such as an on-site tea room.

Via Automotive News