China market drives Mercedes’ global sales in June image

The German carmaker, Daimler announced on July 5 that driven by the increasing demand in the Chinese market, global sales of its luxury car brand Mercedes-Benz grew 13% year on year in June.

The data released by Daimler show that in June, the global sales of Mercedes-Benz’s sedan and SUV totaled 113,300 units, up 13% from 100,300 units a year earlier while this figure in the first six months was 556,700 units, had a Y/Y growth of 15%.

The Chinese market is a big driving force for Benz’s sales volume. Stimulated by the demand for Mercedes-Benz E sedan, Benz’s sales rose 180% to 13,700 units in June in the Chinese market alone.
In additional to the Chinese market, the sales of Mercedes-Benz in India, Russia and Brazil also achieved a substantial growth, up 83%, 76% and 73% respectively.

Mercedes-Benz said that at the end of this month, it will launch a new model of its Smart brand, assuming that this will push the sales to a new high.