China: Nissan to increase electric sales on government aid image

As the central government in China is increasing its efforts to cut down air emissions from cars by increasing the subsidies given to purchases of electric powered cars, Nissan aims to boost electric car sales to capture a 20% market share.

While so far Chinese buyers have been highly reluctant to opt for the zero emissions electric cars due to price, range anxiety or the lack of a proper recharge infrastructure, forecasters say EV deliveries would grow locally to at least 100,000 cars (and as much as 400,000 according to the highly optimistic) by 2017-2018.

“China is serious about pushing the adoption of new-energy vehicles, and no other country can compare with the subsidies that it’s giving out,” said Jun Seki, head of Nissan’s China unit. “The charging infrastructure will improve as sales volumes rise.”

While the company’s Leaf all electric car is the world’s best selling vehicle in the segment, with last year alone deliveries jumping 76% to 7,547 units thanks to lower prices and an extension of the battery range, Nissan aims to cater for China’s EV needs with the local only Venucia brand.

The brand’s first electric car, the e30 model is expected this year, and the company is already working with Chinese cities of Dalian, Guangzhou and Xiangyang to introduce programs designed to boost the appeal of the Nissan electric brand.

Via Bloomberg