Lexus does not plan to join the carmakers manufacturing in China, remaining the only big luxury brand without a factory in the world’s biggest vehicle market and with no plans to open one.

This is happening even if all the models sold to China are made overseas and the sales are affected by the country’s import duties. Mark Templin, Executive Vice President of Lexus International stated on the topic that “I think we’re still in the crawling stage. If you’re going to go there and build cars, to me, that’s running. I don’t think we’re ready to run yet.”

Templin added that Lexus has been in the China Market for only 10 years and that they want to develop the brand first and make sure people know what they stand for before opening a plant there.
Lexus modest sales in China have been recently disclosed, in 2013 selling around 73,000 vehicles there, scoring though a 13% increase in comparison with the previous year. Audi remains the luxury leader in China, with 429,000 vehicles sold in 2013 and a 21% gain, BMW stays close with 391,000 models sold and a 20% raise, while Mercedes-Benz scores 3rd place with sales increasing by 11% , reaching 218,045 cars sold in China.

by Gabriela Florea


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