The Chinese officials decided to end the dispute between Jaguar Land Rover and domestic maker Jiangling over Evoque’s copycat by canceling both their patents.

The British automaker has decided earlier this month to finally take some legal actions against China’s Jiangling Motor, claiming the obvious thing, namely that Landwind X7 sport utility vehicle is a pure clone of RR Evoque. Jaguar Land Rover has thus embarked on a long legal journey, as China’s intellectual-property laws have always been ambiguous and such a lawsuit could be dragged for years and years with little chances of success.

To make things easier for them, Reuters now reports the local authorities canceled Evoque’s patent over its design, while they also ruled to invalidate the patent of the lookalike model. Even if both automakers could still appeal the decision, JLR said it was determined to proceed forward with its action regardless of the patent revocation. “It’s still the same situation,” a spokesman told Reuters. The company will push forward by still accusing Jiangling of unfair competition.

The “debate” was sparked by Jiangling back in November 2014, when it surprised the local audience – and Jaguar Land Rover as well – at the Guangzhou Auto Show when it displayed the Landwind X7, a SUV with a striking resemblance to the Range Rover Evoque, at a third of the price. The following year, Jiangling brought once again its clone at the Shanghai Auto Show in April.

Via Reuters


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