General Motors and Toyota have traded numerous blows in recent years to top the global sales figures, but last year a surprise outsider came in to secure its second place in front of the US automaker – Volkswagen AG.

Actually, truth be told, it’s not really a surprise, as the German company had been mulling the position for many years – and now also targets to snatch the first place away from Toyota.

One country is among the key assets in this fight – the world’s largest auto market- China. And, if in 2013 the Asian country’s performance aided Volkswagen in passing by General Motors, it looks like the Germans are in a comfortable position in 2014 as well. At least, that’s what six months figures show.

“Volkswagen is gaining market share as their vehicles hit the market right at the bulls-eye,” said Jochen Siebert, Shanghai-based managing director of researcher JSC Automotive Consulting. “GM is not able to match that.”

According to Volkswagen AG, the group’s sales in China rose 18% in the first six months of the year – reaching more than 1.8 million units. On the other hand, General Motors’ sales only climbed 11% to 1.73 million vehicles. Last year, Volkswagen outsold the US automaker in China for the first time in nine years.

Via Bloomberg


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