China: state controlled media chides with Aston Martin image

Saying that the British sports car manufacturer decided to use the ‘Made in China’ catch-phrase to hide its own problems, Chinese state backed media slammed Aston in the face for its massive recall.

Aston Martin’s recall that involves plastic counterfeited parts produced in China made the headlines around the world, as it involved most of its cars produced since 2007 and has raised awareness regarding quality problems facing the outsourcing of car parts to the country.

“Aston Martin’s latest recall again passed the buck for poor quality of products, but this time ‘Made in China’ is just the scapegoat of the glorious carmaker,” Xinhua said in a report. “Higher levels of technology and quality are the ultimate solution for the unjust stereotype of ‘Made in China’ as cheap and copycat,” Xinhua added.

After the British company, controlled by Kuwaiti and private equity investors announced on February 5 its recalling most of its models, as a Chinese sub-supplier utilized counterfeit material in its accelerator pedal arms, China’s local media and the official Xinhua news agency fought back, saying the company actually was to blame for not recognizing their own shortcomings in dealing with their supply chain.

Via Reuters