China: state-led television criticizes Land Rover, dealers for other automakers image

The China Central Television has recently reported that India-led British automaker Jaguar Land Rover has failed to handle an alleged defect and numerous car dealerships continue to ask more money for repairs.

According to the CCTV’s annual consumer rights program shown this Sunday, with customer complaints confirmed by reporter checks, Tata-owned Jaguar Land has failed to fully address a gearbox issue found in the company’s Range Rover Evoque SUVs. The annual “315 Gala”, a program broadcast on March 15 to mark World Consumer Rights Day, usually employs reporters with hidden cameras claiming to be customers to find and expose flaws at numerous companies. Businesses that were earmarked in past years include McDonald’s, Volkswagen AG and Apple. After the program, a posting on Jaguar Land Rover’s microblog issued an apology for “the inconvenience and trouble caused” to buyers, adding it was swiftly working to address the situation as quickly as possible.

The program also claimed that dealers for car brands – including VW, Nissan and Mercedes-Benz – had a tendency to exaggerate the problems found in vehicles in order to overcharge the customers for seemingly simple operations. All three companies have since declared they take all the allegations very seriously and they would investigate the issues thoroughly. The latter accusations also come just months after state regulators issued an industry-wide crackdown on foreign companies, accused of overcharging customers for spare parts and in some cases for certain models. In the aftermath, numerous global automakers reduced prices across their parts operations and some of them accepted fines from the regulators.

Via Bloomberg