Tesla Motors, the California-based electric automaker, has been the investor sweetheart of America in recent years. Now, the brand might further shake the traditional automotive industry because of a… hacking contest.

Led by billionaire entrepreneur and co-founder Elon Musk, the carmaker – a startup company just a few years back – has thrown away the pages of the established automotive business book. From skipping the traditional network of franchised dealers in the US to opening up to rivals its patents, the US automaker has been all about bending the rules and setting new paths. Well, now in China those new roads could actually be software lines, as the automaker sees its Model S luxury sedan the target of a very interesting hacking competition.

“While Tesla is not associated with the conference and is not a sponsor of the competition, we support the idea of providing an environment in which responsible security researchers can help identify potential vulnerabilities,” Tesla said. “We hope that the security researchers will act responsibly and in good faith.”

Called the SyScan +360, the conference has a contest that gives away $10,000 to the successful hackers of the Model S car, with the automaker saying in its statement that it’s closely monitoring the competition to investigate and immediately rectify any “legitimate vulnerability” subsequently found.

Via Bloomberg


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