China: Tesla signs charging system deal with Unicom image

The California-based electric automaker has reached a deal with China’s second biggest mobile-phone operator to further enhance the company’s charging points network.

The carmaker, led by billionaire entrepreneur and co-founder Elon Musk, said it reached an agreement with China United Network Communications Corp. to develop no less than 400 charging stations in 120 cities – all at Unicom’s sales venues. Tesla spokeswoman Peggy Yang added the two companies would also work together to set up 20 new supercharging stations – which can charge the Model S batteries as much as 16 times faster than a normal charging point.

Yang further detailed the deal, saying the agreement stipulates that Tesla would bring the necessary equipment, while China Unicom provides the locations – but declined to comment on the deal’s costs. The charging points would provide electricity for free.

This is not the only deal of the nature for Tesla, which mulls the Chinese market to become its largest in a couple of years, surpassing its US home region. The carmaker already has similar deals in place with real-estate developers Soho China Ltd. and China Yantai Holdings Co.

There are also reports that reveal the central government in China is also considering additional support – which could total incentives worth 100 billion yuan ($16 billion) – for the construction of new electric charging stations across the nation.

Via Bloomberg