China: Tesla to update vehicles to accommodate the country’s charging standards image

US luxury electric automaker Tesla Motors has recently announced it would modify its vehicles to be used with China’s national charging standards, the latest strategy to lift flagging sales in the world’s biggest auto market.

Tesla uses a proprietary charging standard in order to make it compatible with its network of globally available Superchargers – a rapid charging network that is offered for free to owners of the Tesla models. But the Palo Alto, California-based carmaker has now pledged to fully support and implement China’s upcoming electric vehicle charging standards and make all of its vehicles compatible, according to a statement released on the company’s local website. Thanks to the support, customer concerns about the availability of charging sockets might be addressed as the infrastructure is set to rapidly develop over the next few years across China.

In China, the world’s largest auto market, despite major support from government and the local authorities, sales of new-energy vehicles, the country’s moniker for plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles, have been dismal so far. Concerns range from the high price to “range anxiety”, the latter exacerbated in Tesla’s case by the proprietary charging system that is incompatible with current charging units constructed by China’s State Grid. Both Tesla customers and prospective buyers have cited as their major concern the logistics behind having their Teslas powered even as the company has committed to building the largest charging facility network outside of its US home.

Via Bloomberg