China to be largest market of Bentley within 5 years image

At the ongoing Guangzhou Auto show, British carmaker Bentley yesterday revealed its 5-year Chinese plan that China will become the No.1 market of Bentley cars, reported Xinhua News.

Mak Kwing Tim (Peter Mak), the board chairman of Bentley China, said Bentley will invest 300 million yuan ($43.9 billion) in China in an effort to sell 4,000 vehicles within 5 years time.

According to the report, Bentley also plans to add 20 more dealerships in Chjna to realize their sales target and is pondering a “Bentley Institute” for training the employee and lifting the overall quality of its service. Reportedly, the supply chain and an auto part center are also included in the 5-year scheme.

As a luxury brand, Bentley expects highly of China’s luxury consumption as the current millionaire number of 50,000 in China will be boosted by an annual 8% domestic economic growth.

More parvenus are springing up in China, which stands out as a huge potential market of luxury autos.
Source: Gasgoo