China to become first market for BMW ? image

BMW sees in the Chinese market 10 years of hope. In the next 5-10 years, China will evolve from BMW’s third-largest market jumped to the first.

BMW in China required only nine months to finish the year’s 0.12 million cars sales target, its rival Benz had to introduce a new series of car to promote sales, striving to meet the market. Compared with the same period of last year sales volume, BMW has a nearly 50% overall growth rate.

Facing vigorous market demand, BMW is actively expanding capacity. In the latest two months, BMW improved factory capacity for existing plant space, reaching an average daily production of 200 vehicles, with such a trend to develop; BMW will achieve annually 75,000 vehicles, which will greatly alleviate the current short situation in market supply.

The existing capacity cannot completely meet the demand of the market, and the future of specific capacity planning depends on next year’s specific market circumstances. Before 2012, after the new factory is put into operation, the annual production reach 0.3 million vehicles, there is no problem.

In addition, with BMW’s new factory construction and expanded capacity, BMW brilliance will also be on display in late October in Changchun, Tianjin and Dalian, where these three cities hold job fairs, recruiting new talent to join BMW.
Besides the current status, BMW is also actively looking to the future. ( has learned that aiming at the short domestic for new energy automobiles, BMW will also pay great attention to new energy vehicles development. In 2013, according to BMW plans, it will launch a new energy sub-brand, and the new energy sub-brand will be launched as well in China.