China to become first market for Porsche in 2014 image

According to a Porsche Executive, China will overtake the United States as the largest single market for the sport carmaker Porsche SE in 2014, chinadaily reports.

Porsche SE, the German automaker sold 85,872 vehicles in the first nine months of the year. In China, the maker of the iconic 911 turbo announced an increase of 82 percent to 20,687 vehicles.

Asian sales, excluding China, were up 33.9 per cent in October compared with the same month last year and 55.3 per cent in the January-October period (to 36,558 cars).

North American (Canada, United States) sales slid 15.6% in October. But, during the year so far, North American sales were up 22.5% to 24,934 cars. German and European sales also rose in October by 4.8 and 7.5%, respectively.

In addition, Helmut Broeker, chief executive officer of Porsche (China) Motors Ltd said that the company has “not decided” yet whether to locally produce the 2013 Cajun small SUV.

Last time the automaker said it will invest €500 million on its Leipzig plant to build the upcoming Cajun, but the plant may not be able to handle the high demand for the little SUV, mostly from China, where Porsche expects to sell at least 25,000 to 50,000 units annually.

By 2013, the German automaker aims to roughly triple its Chinese dealership network to around 100 dealers from 35 now.