China to Become Jaguar Land Rover’s Largest Market image

Jaguar Land Rover saw amazing sales in China, so the country could become the company’s biggest market in 2012.

Currently China is JLR’s third biggest market after the U.K. and the U.S., but it seems that the company’s sales surge in this country may take China to the first place. In 2011 China managed to overtake the U.S. market with car sales of about 18.5 million, sales expecting to increase with extra 1.5 million this year.

“China is now JLR’s third biggest market by volume and we see great potential there for future growth. It is on the way to being JLR’s biggest market,” said a JLR spokesman.

Last year total JLR sales in China accounted for 42,000 units, 36,000 coming from Land Rover. Quite a big jump from 431 vehicles sold in 2003. In the UK the company sold 51,424 vehicles last year and in the U.S. a total of 50,375 units. In this year’s first quarter JLR sold a record 17,000 units, about 5,000 of the total being Range Rover Evoques. If the company keeps up the good start, it will be able to sell 68,000 units by the end of this year.

‘‘Last year Land Rover sales in China jumped by 54 per cent and so far this year sales have grown by a further 88 per cent”, said Bob Grace, president JLR China.