China: Toyota sees sales growing 18.1 % image

As the flurry of negative opinions against the Japanese automakers finally fades away after last year’s political disputes, Toyota saw its January local sales grow 18.1 % over the same period of 2013.

The world’s biggest carmaker, alongside its two local joint-venture partners sold around 85, 600 automobiles in China in January and Toyota spokesman Takanori Yokoi said the automaker is poised to keep the momentum going – the company is set to introduce key new and major redesigns to its models this year.

Toyota now set the goal of selling north of 1.1 million vehicles in China this year, after it managed to beat its 2013 goal of 900,000 units – it sold around 917,500 vehicles in China, up 9.2 % from 2012, a growth which still was lower than the overall market rise of 13.9 %.

January’s 18.1 % gain followed the 19.4 % boost in December and the spectacular 40.7 % jump in November, numbers that were actually partly due to the low base from 2013 when sales crashed due to the anti-Japan sentiment surge which followed a territorial dispute between Beijing and Tokyo.

Toyota operates in China two joint ventures with FAW Group Corp and Guangzhou Automobile Group and plans to produce around 10.3 million cars worldwide in 2014.

Via Reuters