China: vice premier mulls expansion of electric-car recharge network image

According to China’s Vice Premier Ma Kai, the local governments in the country need to lift the speed of constructing the necessary charging infrastructure for electric cars, as the issue has turned into a “bottleneck” for the automotive industry.

China, the world’s largest auto market and a major global polluter has turned electric car sector development into a matter of national strategic initiative in a broader bid to reach a key position in the global automotive technology, shed reliance on imported oil and curb pollution. “There’s still a long way to go before China becomes globally competitive in new-energy vehicles,” commented Ma during a tour in Jiangsu province according to a Xinhua News Agency report. “The development of charging facilities is especially lagging behind and become a bottleneck, and needs to be solved as soon as possible.” The central government has implemented certain incentives and subsidies for both the carmakers and the public, but sales of new energy vehicles – which in China include plug in hybrids, as well as battery and fuel cell electrics – have been dragging their feet. Potential customers usually quote the lack of proper access to a recharging facility as the main reason to shun the idea of buying a vehicle from the segment.

The government official now asked local governments to speed up their implication as the nation pushes for revised and improved charging standards, as well as accelerate the construction of charging points in residential areas, company buildings and public parking lots.

Via Bloomberg