China: Volkswagen to keep its edge over General Motors image

The second and third global automakers in terms of sales are involved in heavy fighting when it comes to the world’s largest auto market, with VW AG overcoming in 2013 years of continued GM leadership.

Both carmakers – through their various operations and numerous brands operating in the country – have build up double-digit delivery climbs in the first eight months of the year. And both openly expect to surpass the 3 million units sold in 2014 by a rather wide margin.

So far, Volkswagen AG seems readily able to keep its edge as the biggest foreign manufacturer in China, after General Motors dominated the market for years. The German Group’s deliveries in China climbed 16.5% in 2014, reaching so far a total of over 2.4 million units. That gives an edge of roughly 140,000 autos over the No. 1 US automaker.

The great achievements in China even helped VW AG increase overall sales, even as Christian Klinger, the global sales chief, warns there is a “tense economic environment” worldwide.

GM on the other hand sold 2,261,194 cars in China, rising 11.1% year-over-year. The top China official, Matt Tsien, commented the US automaker expects to exceed again the 3 million units threshold for the year, with the very dynamic Cadillac luxury brand growing 40% to more than 70,000 units.