China: VW Sagitar probed for possible defect image

The country’s quality regulator has opened an investigation over an alleged defect of a domestically produced sedan made by Volkswagen, following a rise in customer complaints.

China’s quality inspector, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine is now probing the Sagitar (Jetta) sedan after many buyers claimed they had numerous cases of broken rear shafts. The authorities contacted the German automaker and asked it to assess and correct the problem.

The agency reported on its website the Sagitar issue arose in 216 complaints – all owners targeting the model’s rear axle – filed on the national Defect Information Collection System in a period of just two weeks. They made up around half the total of 435 complaints made during the period. Together with the announcement, the regulator also asked owners to step up and provide further information to hasten the probe.

On the other hand, last month FAW-Volkswagen, the local joint venture that builds the model, issued a statement commenting that thorough analysis of the incidents revealed the Sagitar’s problems to be isolated, adding the defect doesn’t qualify as a design or manufacturing problem.