China’s Aspec takes the VW Scirocco R to 430 hp, complete with widebody kit image

You can’t say the Mansory guys don’t have followers – just look at this overly flashy kit for the rather oldish Scirocco and you’ll understand why the owner will get lots of attention – positive and of the other kind.

The current Volkswagen Scirocco is growing long in the tooth and with the Dieselgate shenanigans there’s an uncertain future – which might turn the car into a collectible in the years to come. But the Chinese aftermarket specialist Aspec is sure to ruin the resale value by delivering the three-door in a mean widebody kit – though we do like the 430 horsepower (321 kilowatts) capabilities. Aspec’s kit completely changes the exterior design – with new front end with huge air intakes, 2 inch (50 mm) wider fenders and a new hood with two U-shaped heat extractors and carbon fiber mirror caps.


There are also new side sills growing towards the wider rear fenders that are 2.6 inches (70 mm) bigger than usual. The rear is adorned with a huge diffuser and equally large wing, while the setup is completed with the quad exhaust system. Aspec can specify the parts either in carbon fiber or fiberglass and the components can be fitted either to the pre or post facelift Scirocco, and they even claim they have penned the design thanks to the experience gathered in the China Touring Car Championship.