Chinese Internet giant Baidu is going to offer its first self-driving model during the second part of the year has recently said the company, spearheading the sector at home if the timetable remains unchanged.

Around the world, from traditional automakers to technology giants such as Google, the automotive industry is bracing for a disruptive revolution – the advent of autonomous vehicles, which are billed as an alternative to reach safer, faster and more practical trips. While traditional carmakers are pushing for a paced evolution towards the future where driverless cars will be the norm, web giants such as Google are looking to bring the revolution from the beginning, the latter developing pod-like vehicles that are free of the usual features of a car, such as steering wheel and pedals. It’s unclear yet from in which of the two categories will be placed the Chinese web giant’s model, though if the company is going to deliver on its promise this year it would most likely need to relate to a rather traditional setup, with additional driverless capabilities. The news with Baidu launching the self-driving car this year has been first reported by Chinese language website TechWeb, and according to Baidu’s senior vice president Jin Wang the Internet firm will partner with a yet to be named auto manufacturer.

The executive made the latest announcement in regards with the driverless model during the China Cloud Computing conference and the company has previously worked with BMW to research and develop semi-autonomous systems and features.




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