China’s Chery is preparing an international SUV for Frankfurt image

China-based Chery is going out of its comfort zone – something that local automakers have tried in vain for years – and is going to present a new global compact SUV at the upcoming 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Based out of Wuhu, Anhui Province, Chery is travelling some 5,300 miles to reach Germany – and will be presenting a prototype in pre-production form, meaning there’s still some time before this new worldwide international offering will actually reach its intended global status. The automaker promises “distinctive design” – and these sketches do deliver – but we know we can’t trust such renderings to be actual depictions of reality. It does have interesting competition – Geely’s Lynk&Co. 01, another SUV coming out of China and looking to make a name for itself on the international scene in the near future.

China’s Chery is preparing an international SUV for Frankfurt 2

Chery also announced this new, still unnamed SUV is the first instance of the company’s “Life In Motion” new design vision, as well as the first representative of an entire model range that will hit European markets, among others, in the coming years. Virtually no details have been shared, save for availability of full-LED headlights and electrified powertrains. Focusing on “young, urban, forward-thinking customers who choose sophisticated, high quality products,” the compact crossover will fully premiere on September 12 at IAA.