China’s Techrules plans to build its first supercar in Europe image

Beijing-based Techrules is currently prospecting different European sites for a production based in the region to build its first supercar.

China-based start-up TechRules made quite an impression at the Geneva Auto Show this year where it unveiled two exotic 1, 030-horsepower supercar concepts, AT96 and GT96 plug-in hybrids. The company promises to revolutionize the industry with its turbine-recharging electric vehicle technology boosting a micro-turbine to provide electrical power and can also be used to recharge the 20 kilowatt hour lithium-manganese-oxide battery pack.

TechRules plans to bring China’s first supercar to market in the upcoming years and it now looks for a production facility somewhere in Europe to start building its “dream” car as soon as possible, so afterwards it can focus on developing more “earthlier” mass-market cars. The company has not made a decision yet on the site, but it said it formed a small team to explore the possibilities within Europe, with a final announcement on this direction to be made by the end of the year.

TechRules also promised to keep developing the company’s proprietary turbine-recharging electric vehicle technology and to return to Geneva next year with more updates, intending to soon unleash the supercar on the Nurburgring track as well. Testing has already commenced at Silverstone last year and the initial figures shows a 0-62 mph sprint in 2.5 seconds and a limited maximum speed of 217 mph. Most importantly, the range is of more than 1,242 miles and fuel economy stands at 1,569 mpg.